how to write pashto ghazal

Pashto ghazal is a lyrical form of Persian poetry that has been popular in Afghanistan, Pakistan, and other Pashtun-populated areas since the 16th century. It is known for its romanticism, beauty and passion and often includes themes like love, longing, sadness, betrayal, and even nostalgia. Writing Pashto Ghazal can be a challenging task for those … Read more

what is ghazal mean

Ghazal is a poetic form that originated in the 7th century Persian Empire and has been adopted by many different languages, including Urdu and Hindi. The ghazal is traditionally composed of couplets that are thematically linked and have similar meter and rhyme schemes. Many poets have adapted the form to their own culture, and it … Read more

Shor Karna Humain.. Irfan Siddiqi Ghazal

Shor karna humain be-wajh nahiN aagaya hai Koi Khanjar rag e gardan ke qareeN aagaya hai Ko ba koo said chale aate hain gardan daalay Shahr mein kaun shikari sar e zeeN aagaya hai Aur kijiyee hunar e khush badanaaN ki taareef Woh badan aag lagaane ko yahiN aagaya hai Dil e barbaad zamaane se … Read more

urdu ghazal poetry sad

Urdu ghazal poetry is one of the most beautiful forms of literature, and it has been used for centuries to express love, disappointment, sadness and joy. Ghazals are written in a poetic form divided into couplets and they often contain metaphors that capture the feeling of intense emotion. Sad Urdu ghazal poetry is particularly compelling … Read more

Dard Itna Tha ke Us Se Bhi Guzarna Chaha

Love is a mysterious thing. It has the power to bring us closer together and make us feel alive, or it can tear us apart and leave us feeling broken. Everyone’s experience with love is different but no matter what, it can leave a lasting impact on our lives. In this blog post we will … Read more