Artificial Eyelashes Pros and Cons You Should Know

We are living in an era where the fashion industry is at its peak. Everyone is trying his/her best to upgrade his/her looks through artificial accessories. Here artificial eyelashes remain an essential aspect of enhancing your beauty. 

Artficial Eyelashes have become a symbol of beauty in numerous cultures. Women are using various techniques to make their lashes look unique amongst others.

There was a time when mascara and eyeliners were the only attention for women. However, fake lashes are In the trend to accomplish a younger look.

If you are looking to make yourself look different from others. This article discusses the benefits and drawbacks of using fake lashes.

What are Artificial Eyelashes?

In other words, these artificial lashes are also known as falsies which are attached to a strip. You can easily buy one from the market according to your size and color preferences. 

They are available in packing and clusters which every woman uses to customize her looks. One can select the desired lashes out of faux mink and synthetic material and look younger.

Nowadays, there is an involvement in the lashes fabric as they are available in magnetic lashes. Suitable for those who don’t want to use glue in their eyes while attaching the lashes. 

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons:


  • Fake lashes customize your look turning you into a younger version. 
  • Very easy to clean and reusable. 
  • Artificial lashes are more visible than your natural ones.
  • Available in different sizes and colors. 


  • Applying lashes causes too much hassle.
  • Time consuming task.
  • Eyelash glue can cause problems.
  • Inappropriate use can damage your natural eye-lashes.

Apart from above mentioned drawbacks there are numerous risks associated with the use of artificial eyelashes which we are going to explain below in detail.

Risk of Infection

Using fake eyelashes for more than 24 hours results in bacteria collection under the eyelash glue. We all know that one needs to avoid water while using artificial lashes.

It can lead towards the lack of skin moisturizers decreasing your skin care hygiene.  When we overlook regular skin care we may end up dealing with infections.

Indicators of these symptoms involve inflammation, discharge or pain etc. In case you experience any symptom please ask your health care expert to suggest you the remedies.

Damages Your Natural Eye-Lashes

Use of artificial material around your eyes can damage the natural eye-lashes. In appropriate application of these fake eye-lashes can lead to natural eye-lashes breakdown. 

Additionally, rubbing the area might worsen the condition. Therefore, treat these fake eyelashes with maximum care to avoid the damage.


Health complications from eyelashes lead towards skin problems and allergies. Eyelash glue contains a substance known as cyanoacrylate which causes bad reactions.

This substance can be dangerous when you neglect the initial allergies and results in swelling. Cyanoacrylate is widely used  in the cosmetic industry.

Specifically it is included in the nail polish and eye-lash glue. When someone is frequently using the eyelash glue he might experience redness and skin inflammation. 

Artificial Eyelashes

Knowing so many side-effects might urge you to skip the idea of using the fake lashes to improve your look.

However, they are very important when you have to look different from others. Below we are going to disclose some useful tips to use eye-lashes while avoiding potential health risks.

Tips to Use Fake Eyelashes

We have gathered some essential data to help you enjoy the fake lashes while remaining safe from possible health associated risks:

  1. Wash your hands before you apply the lashes. 
  2. Have a closer look to the ingredients list used in your adhesive eye-lash glue.
  3. In case you are dealing with allergies, trying a patch test will help you to be aware of skin problems.
  4. If you have allergies with latex check the ingredient list of your adhesive.
  5. Clean out your lashes before/after you use them, store them somewhere clean and dust free area.
  6. Use your lashes for yourself, avoid sharing it with your friends and family members. 
  7. If you are having a family history of skin problems and allergies. Please ask your health care professional to do an initial check-up and suggest you accordingly.

When you want to look unique then others you would like to use fake-eyelashes. Above we have mentioned some tips for you to apply eye-lashes in a safe way. Doing this will help you to look fashionable and remain healthy.


Eye-lashes remain an integral part of our eyes. They enhance our appearances, making us remain attractive. There are several ways to upgrade your looks and using fake eye-lashes is a fashion these days.

Above we have explained pros and cons of using eye-lashes. You can read them and decide whether you like to use them or not.