Facial Cryotherapy: Benefits, Procedure & Risks

Facial Cryotherapy is a procedure focused on improving athletic and cosmetic health. Your therapist will expose your body to extremely cold temperatures such as 200°F to -300°F.

Moreover, cryotherapy assists in reducing inflammation and restricts body spasms. 

There are two common types of cryotherapy:

  1.  Whole body cryotherapy: where your head is exposed to the coldest temperatures.
  2.  Localized cryotherapy:  in which only a specific body part is exposed to such temperatures.

The overall duration of the aforementioned therapy ranges from 10-15 minutes. Where the expert uses vaporized nitrogen over your neck, face, and scalp.

The material is skin friendly and leaves no marks on your face once the facial ends.

Benefits of Facial Cryotherapy

  • Reduces Pore Size.
  • Helps in maintaining the skin’s elasticity.
  • Tightens your skin.
  • Regulates skin blood flow.
  • Removes toxins.
  • Relief from inflammation.
  • Reduces face wrinkles.

How Facial Cryo Works

Your expert will start by sending liquid nitrogen into a beam of vapor through a hose. Which passes from your body parts like the face, and neck stimulating blood circulation and elevating the production of collagen.

As a result, you will feel a tightening glowing skin. It is because when your face is exposed to a collar temperature your blood vessels contract and pores are hardened.

When the therapy ends, your skin gets back to its normal temperature and the vessels begin to dilate. This entire process increases your blood flow making your skin vibrant and glowing.

In addition, facial cryo also improves your lip’s appearance without causing any side effects. A sudden rush of blood in the entire face makes your face look less swollen.


Before going directly for the facial procedure your therapist will examine your skin.

You will receive advice regarding the type and areas of skin requiring facials. Usually, facial therapy lasts for 30-60 minutes.

60 Minutes Facial  

  • Step 1: Double Clinical Cleanse.
  • Step 2: 15 minutes of Cryo Air.
  • Step 3:  Use toner over all the parts of your face.
  • Step 4: The therapist will gently massage your face.
  • Step 6 – Face and eye mask with Dermalux LED.
  • Step 7 – Moisturisation.

Facial Cryotherapy

Potential Risks

Facial cryotherapy is a safe procedure having no side effects for your skin. However, sometimes complexities arise such as face tingling or numbness, etc.

There are other possible side effects of this therapy such as skin discoloration and ice burn. However, these problems occur once in a blue moon.

Therefore, it is essential for you to visit an experienced therapist who knows his job.  If you are an old aged individual or a pregnant woman please ask your medical expert to evaluate your health before going for any facial.

In case you are dealing with face botox or other facial injectables. You need to wait for 10-15 days before going for a facial.

One needs to drink plenty of water on treatment days so that your skin hydrated, and avoid heavy exfoliation or new products that could irritate your skin.

Finally, reaching up to your appointment without heavy makeup will cut down the overall time of the procedure.  

After Care

So far we have known enough about cryotherapy including its benefits, side effects and the process in detail.

Although it’s an amazing skincare therapy to make your skin look fresher every day.

Here one needs to remain careful after the procedure. We have brought some aftercare tips to ensure your skin looks attractive even after months.

Firstly, you need to prevent the loss of moisture from your skin, which you can do by avoiding extreme sunlight, wind and pollution.

Additionally, use recommended beauty products for your skincare in the morning.

Ending Notes

Facial cryotherapy is a process where your face has to bear extreme cold temperatures. As a result, your skin blood flow regulates and you look younger.

There are numerous advantages of this therapy explained above for your convenience.  However, it is essential to ask for an appointment with your therapist before going for a facial.

He will evaluate your health before recommending this procedure.