Liposuction Scars: All You Need to Know About

Liposuction scars often appear when a woman undergoes a procedure. Liposuction is a cosmetic surgery designed to remove excess body fat.

Usually, the surgery has a 95% success rate, patients wanting surgery, usually ask whether they will receive any scars after or not. Many individuals hesitate to go for such a procedure because of the scarring.

This article discusses some essential information about the liposuction scars:

Is Liposuction Important?

People undergoing such procedures don’t share their experiences with others. It is because cosmetic surgery is a decision based on personal choices about life. 

Some medical experts believe it is the choice of one if he wants to share his findings regarding the surgery with anyone.

How Liposuction Scars Look Like

Such scars are so minimal as the doctor only needs to make an incision large to allow injecting a small diameter liposuction cannula inside the patient’s body.

Most patients who come for their postoperative check-ups with our medical experts often inform us.

The scars commonly resemble the appearance of a tiny skin blemish once the skin has fully healed.

Although these skin blemishes may be slightly raised, to begin with, they continue to flatten over time and take on a paler white color with the passage of time over a period of initial three months.

So far, we have learned enough about scaring. Let’s know the crucial part which is the tricks to deal with these scars.

Tips to Avoid Liposuction Scars

  • Follow post-operation instructions.
  • Drink Plenty of water.
  • Use silicon gel.
  • Microneedle.
  • Cryotherapy. 

Seeing your photos will give you an exact idea of scars availability before and after the liposuction. The scars after the operation are smaller enough to be visible and most patients overlook them.

However, the experts indicate a patient should be ready to deal with everything after this cosmetic procedure.

Follow Post Operation Instructions

Although your expert will have years of experience in doing such kinds of treatments with hundreds of people.

However, it is essential to advise patients regarding some care before the actual day of the operation.

Such instructions include avoiding getting under extreme sunlight and intensive physical activities. It is because both can adversely impact your scars.

Liposuction scars

Drink Plenty of water

Another tip to get rid of liposuction scars is to increase your water intake. Once you are going through the surgery drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated.

It will help in minimizing the scars and ease healing. Skin with more quantity of water will look like skin around your body.

Use Silicon Gel

Sometimes Lipo scars become visible even after days of cosmetic surgery. In this case, you can use silicone gel sheets which are highly effective in removing the scars from your body.

Their mechanism of action involves optimizing good skin hydration. Several types of scars become prominent due to excessive collagen production.

The compression offered by silicone sheets helps to minimize the over-proliferation of collagen and leads to flatter scars.


It happens that liposuction scars start vanishing after a couple of days without any treatment or application of gels.

While for others the time frame is long such as weeks and months. However, some patients complain their scars are not disappearing from their bodies.

Micro-needling or laser revision is the process that experts use for these individuals. It is also a recommended process that does not involve any surgery or lengthy medical procedure.

A tested process where the doctors take proper care while performing it.


Cryotherapy Is a process where your face is exposed to the coolest temperature. The purpose is to freeze your blood vessels which regulate again after getting back to the normal temperature and improve your skin condition.

This process is also recommended for the removal of liposuction scarsAs mentioned above that your blood vessels freeze as a result of the procedure which pierces scar tissues and freezes them with nitrogen gas.

Cryotherapy is an easy procedure and free from any side effects. That is why most experts recommend the patient go for cryotherapy when the removal of liposuction scars is required.

Wrapping Things Up

Liposuction scars appear over the body because of a cosmetic surgery known as liposuction. It is a medical process for the removal of excessive body fat.

While leaving scars on the body that look visible. It is not necessary that scars are noticeable on everyone’s body.

In case you are experiencing this situation above are some tips to avoid these scars. Often these scars go away from your body without any treatment. However, precautions are important to deal with after surgery scars.