Cleft Chin Surgery: All You Need to Know About  

When you see a Y-shaped over your dimple, it is known as a cleft chin, a genetic trait. If you are seeing this first time, remember it does not cause any harm.

Some people start looking for a solution for the cleft chin. This article discusses all the cleft chin you need to know 

What is a Cleft Chin

Our chin differs from others as some chins have creases while some have a dimple, which is known as cleft chin.

In some people, it is very visible, while you may hardly notice it in others. While it occurs to both men and women. Some people also call it a booty chin and butt chin.

As mentioned earlier, it is genetic, and one receives it in the womb. One dealing with a cleft chin may have two minimal round-shaped ends which stick out.

While it does not lead to the booty chin, even some people without dimples have the same bumps. However, it’s the muscles in your chin making the cleft appearance visible.

If both muscles are in a separate location, it causes a groove in your skin. Which may decide the size of creases over your face; it may be smaller or larger depending on the muscle separation.

What Causes Cleft Chin

It passes down from parents to children, it appears in only one gene copy. According to the experts, when anyone with a cleft chin gives birth to a baby.

There is a 40% chance he may develop the same. Regardless of son or daughter, a cleft chin will appear in both. If the mother and father are dealing with booty chin, your chances will increase.

Procedures for a Cleft Chin

When you are dealing with a cleft chin, there are some procedures to make things better for you. which may vary in

  • How permanent the results are. 
  • The invasiveness of the procedure. 
  • Length of your healing time. ‌
  • How much the procedure costs.


A less effective injection to deal with the aforementioned problem which does not last for a long time. Botox focuses on paralyzing your chin muscles, making them less noticeable.

The outcomes last for 2-3 months, while some medical experts use it with a combination of fillers for long-term results.

Cleft chin

Dermal Fillers

are Another less invasive option to deal with a cleft chin. In this method, your surgeon injects synthetic fillers into soft skin tissues.

Moreover, he decides how long he has to go through the material for a long-term solution. This is a simple procedure which requires a few minutes. 

If there are any side effects, your expert has to reverse them again. However, the outcomes of dermal fillers last for a year

Fat Grafting

When you want a prominent solution for the cleft chin, fat grafting is widely recommended. Your medical officer will use liposuction to remove enough fat from your stomach.

This procedure is popular because of its higher success rate, while side effects include a large chin.


This is a chin surgery that is the most invasive option for addressing your booty chin. Depending on your condition’s severity and desired results.

Your doctor may modify your jawbone and adjust your chin muscles. Your doctor may also insert a chin implant for more noticeable results.‌

Genioplasty results of a cleft chin are long-lasting. While it is the most expensive option and has a longer healing time.

Remember that a very prominent it may be difficult to change completely while maintaining a natural appearance.

Therefore, consult with your healthcare expert before going for this option.

What Happens After the Procedure

Although the above are very simple procedures while they might cause immense swelling. Besides, the structure of bone and the body’s response to the method may impact the results.

In case you are not seeing the desired outcomes go for the other procedure explained above. If you are feeling satisfied after going through the procedure, it is better to rest for a couple of hours. 

However, you should pay attention to the following symptoms as they may cause allergy:

  •         Breathing shortness.
  •         Pain in the chest.
  •         Sudden change in heartbeat.
  •         Redness.


It is a genetic trait which can make your chin look a bit different than normal. Although it does not cause any health-related issues.

However, you can go for medical procedures to improve your appearance. Above we have explained some recommended treatments to deal with a cleft chin. Aftercare is also explained to make things better for you.