Seed Corn On Foot: Symptoms and Treatment

Seed corn on foot refers to the type of foot corn which appears over your foot because of immense pressure.

Seed corns are your skin’s way of preventing your foot from immense friction and chronic irritation. Its causes include wearing shoes which don’t match your size.

Seed corn is a combination of tiny corn and occurs over your foot with a seed resembling appearance.

These may appear on any area of your foot, while often you will see them on the bottom side of your foot. Moreover, they don’t cause pain and go away on their own.

Development of Corns

Besides wearing poorly fitted shoes, corn can also develop because of frequent rubbing, sometimes they occur on dry skin as well.

According to the experts’ seed corn over the foot is not problematic and you can prevent the chances of receiving them on foot.

Therefore, one needs to prevent wearing unmatched size shoes, regular rubbing, and too much sun exposure.

Symptoms of Seed Corn

  • A sudden change in your walking style. 
  • Avoiding anywhere near the painful area. 
  • When you feel dry skin at the bottom side of your foot. 
  • Treading on nails while placing the foot down.

So far we have learned a lot about the formation of seed corn on the foot. Which also includes its reasons and symptoms.

Although it is not a health-harming issue and requires no urgent treatment. However, it is worthwhile to know how you can treat this thing yourself.

Seed Corn Treatment

One can easily treat seed corn with some home remedies while it takes time to heal completely. Let’s see the possible ways to get rid of this problem

Some suggested remedies:

Soak Your Foot

A simple home remedy is to place your foot in warm water. Make sure it remains for 20 minutes approx.

Soaking your foot will soften the corn and it will heal quickly. Some individuals find it easy to remove the corn after getting their foot out of the water. 

Another solution for the foot corn is the use of a moisturizer. That keeps your skin hydrated and soft enough for the corn to appear.

Moreover, proper hydration restricts the chances of foot corn to occur.

Avoid Thickened Skin

Thickened skin is another reason for seed corn development, try your best to get rid of it. A suggested remedy to deal with the situation is filing away all the seed corn very gently.

Please be careful while doing as it a wrong posture can damage your foot skin leading to skin burns and discomfort. If you are not comfortable with filler please use a pumice stone.

However, don’t overdo it as you can rash the foot skin in the process.

Seed corns

Over-The-Counter Medicines

Over time there has been rapid progress in medical science. As a result, over-the-counter medicines are available for every health condition.

While dealing with seed corn you can buy medicines for the remedy when nothing is working for you. Medicines contain salicylic acid which softens the area making.

It easy for you to scratch the corn. These days, you can easily grab a lotion and corn scrapers from the market.

A Comfortable Footwear

Seed corn on foot appears because of wearing an ill-matched shoe. This means you have everything in control to avoid receiving a foot of corn.

Try wearing comfortable shoes which are according to your foot size. It will make you feel relaxed and cushion your foot skin preventing any problems.

Difference Between A Plantar Wart And Seed Corn

Contrary to the seed corn, a plantar wart appears over the foot sole. Moreover, the main reason for a plantar wart is a skin infection.

Both seed corns and plantar warts resemble, appearing as hard. While both conditions cause pain when you apply pressure.

Because of so many similarities, you may find it difficult to differentiate between the both.

There are some things you can look out for:

  • Size: The plantar warts are very small, they can also become large. Seed corn is always small.
  • Skin lines: The skin on the bottom of your foot has natural lines and creases. Plantar warts disrupt these lines while seed corns do not.

Wrapping Things

Seed corn on the foot appears because of too much rubbing and skin dryness. Although it is not a dangerous problem for your health, you can avoid it through remedies.

Such as using over-the-counter medicine, soaking your feet in warm water, etc. Another resembling issue is plantar wart which looks the same as the corns.

While you can recognize it through the above-explained factors.