Pyramid In US: Surprising Facts You Need to Know

The United States is not the home of pyramids; it turned out ancient people built more than 150 Pyramids on the American Continent. If you want to know the pyramid In US then you have come right place and will be get knowledge here.

Which makes Cholula larger than the pyramid in Egypt, having a total volume of 2.5 million cubic meters. If you are a history lover, you will find this information interesting.

We are going to disclose very lesser-known facts about Pyramids in the US:

  • History of Pyramid.
  • Evolution.
  • El Tajin, Comalcalco and Cholula.
  • Massive pyramid. 
  • Ancient Wonders.

History of Pyramid

There is no authentic information about the birth of the pyramids. However, if we go back in history, ancient civilizations used to build massive sky-high pyramids.

According to the mainstream chronology, the first pyramid was sighted 4500 years ago. Third Dynasty Pharaoh Djoser constructed it.

Steps towards constructing this pyramid were regarded as Egypt’s colossal stone building and earliest large-scale cut stone construction.

On the other hand, the Brazilian pyramid was constructed 300 years after the above-mentioned. This shows that pyramids in America and other continents are not older than some hundred years ago. 

Some studies indicate pyramids In the United States were built 5000 years ago rather than some hundred years ago.


After going through the history of pyramids, we cannot assume that some pyramids were not modified after their first construction.

According to Egyptologists, the pyramids got numerous ideas from the previous pyramid structures.  They are convinced that the Djoser pyramid is the improved form of the mastaba tomb.

Later on, Sneferu’s architects developed step pyramids until the first smooth-sided pyramid was constructed during the fourth dynasty. It was the pyramid that impacted Egypt’s Pyramid of Khufu.

El Tajin, Comalcalco and Cholula

As per the old studies, the construction of El Tajin was completed in the 8th century CE featuring more than 360 symmetrically positioned square niches.

All of them are embedded inside the stone, and each niche is 60 centimeters deep. The archeological survey revealed an ancient structure was built to demonstrate the solar calendar.

There is another example of a pyramid available in North America, known as the pyramids of camalacalo.

According to the available data, all the pyramids were constructed using limestone, while some ancient structures comprised other materials.

A unique thing about Camalacalo is that it is constructed using fried brick. It is located in Tabasco near the city of Villahermosa.

pyramid In US

The expert Archeologists visited the place and claimed every brick contained a unique symbol. Some experts indicate these are old roman symbols.

In addition, there is always a debate whether the fired bricks used in the construction of Comalcalco match with bricks used by ancient Romans in their buildings.

Cholula is the best pyramids among the three because it is hidden beyond the hill.

Massive Pyramid

Cholula is a giant pyramid with 4.45 million cubic meters, twice as big as the GIZA pyramids. As per the rough estimates Height of GIZA is almost 2.5 million cubic meters.

The city in which this pyramid exists is the most famous in pre-Columbian times. Concerning historical studies, the population of this city was more than 90 thousand people at that time.

These people lived there until the Spanish Conquistadors’ arrival. However, knowing that the pyramid was hidden before their arrival is astonishing.

A reason for hiding the pyramid is that the city’s people feared that Spanish Conquistadores would destroy their belongings.

That is why people at that time put their efforts into hiding the pyramid underground. As a result, their plan was successful, as no one noticed the existence of a pyramids.

There was a solid reason that no one noticed anything as the people built a church over the destination to remove all the traces of the pyramid’s existence.  

Other accounts recommend that the Spanish explorers were indeed familiar with the existence of the pyramid, and some writings by the Spanish demonstrated they had come to know the pyramids.

Whatever the case, Cholula is a stunning ancient site.

Ending Notes

Pyramids have a history, and we often love to read about how they were formed. This article discusses the lesser-known facts about the pyramids available in North America rather than in Egypt.

Besides, there is a discussion regarding three massive pyramids, including Cholula, the bigger of all.