Cut Short Nails: All You Need to Know

Nail grooming is a part of our self-care routine. Here we will discuss how to cut short nails. Well-manicured nails look very nice and carry fewer bacteria-causing infections.

Moreover, one should be aware of the right nail grooming technique to avoid common problems such as hangnails and ingrown toenails.

Cutting your nails is a very simple technique, but we need to follow some steps for better nail care.

Steps to Cut Short Nails

  1. Wash your hands/feet.
  2. Select a cutting instrument.
  3. Ensure you are using a clean clipper.
  4. Be mindful of the place you choose to cut nails.
  5. Trim your nails regularly.
  6. Cut your fingernails. 

Wash Your Hands/feet

Before cutting your nails, wash them for a couple of minutes, soaking your nails will soften them. In case your nails are less brittle you may not split them.

Make sure to dry your feet or hands after washing them. One can cut his nails while they are wet, however, it will be easy to trim when they are completely dry.

The above tip is for the toenails as they are thicker and tougher than others.

Select a Cutting Instrument

When it comes down to the nail trimming, you can go for clipper or manicure scissors the choice is yours.

Here we are going to mention their pros and cons for your convenience:

  1. Nail clippers: are budget-friendly and available everywhere around you. They ensure cutting your nails with a set concave edge which is very convenient. However, it can cause frustration if the clipper is not fitting within your nails.
  2. Manicure scissors: contrary to nail clippers, manicure scissors are not easily available. However, females prefer them as they like to see extra fineness in their nails. Moreover, this tool allows you absolute control over cutting. It is worthwhile to know that manicure scissors are best for your hand’s nails. While you need a dedicated clipper for the feet’ nails.

Ensure You Are Using a Clean Clipper

If you are living with a great budget, buy a separate nail clipper set for your hand and fingernails. Make sure to wash the cutting tools with a recommended solution.

People also use dishwashing detergent for this purpose. Make sure to keep them within the water/solution for 5-10 minutes and get them out.

Be Mindful of the Place You Choose to Cut Nails

Try to set up a dedicated place where you can trim your nails in peace. Leaving the leftover of your nails might offend others in your surroundings.

Therefore, cut your nails near the trash can or a bin, and grab your fingers directly over the receptacle. Avoid clipping your nails in public places.

One can compost the leftover nails as they will decompose very quickly, leaving no trash for you to clean.

cut short nails

Trim Your Nails Regularly

Our nails grow 1/10 of an inch every four weeks which means it requires 3-6 to grow your nail. In case you are regularly cutting nails like once a week, you would not have to worry about them.

While overlooking them may start hurting you on the edges. Try to trim your nails between regular intervals to remain free from such problems.

If you are dealing with an ingrown nail, please ask your healthcare expert to conduct an initial assessment.

Cut Your Fingernails

Your purpose should involve cutting nails and removing the free edges. : the opaque, off-white crescents that grow at the tips of your nails.

Cut the nails almost completely straight across, and round them a little at the corners to keep the nails strong.

Cutting the nail straight will reduce your chance of developing ingrown nails. Above is a simple and straightforward process for anyone to cut his nails.

Don’t overlook trimming your nails as they can cause health-harming issues such as bacterial infection, fungal infection, food poisoning, etc.

Health-Related Benefits of Cutting Nails

Firstly, it is a part of your personal hygiene which means trimming your nails will keep you healthy and away from infections.

Neglecting it will lead you toward thicker nails that cause immense pain and injuries. People of elder age often pay less attention to trimming their nails.

As a result, they suffer from food poisoning as the bacteria go inside the mouth because of long dirty nails.

Wrapping Things Up

Cutting our nails is essential for overall physical health. Above we have explained simple steps for you to trim your nails between regular intervals.

It will keep you away from infections allowing you to live a healthier life.