Frog Eye Piercing: Ultimate Guide You Need to Know

Frog Eye Piercing refers to a double tongue piercing on both sides of your tongue which leaves an unimaginable impression.

The condition is not health-harming and goes on its own. If you are keen to know about it, we are going to disclose some useful information to you.

  • Frog eye piercing.
  • Frog or snake eye piercing.
  • Jewelry styles.
  • Materials.
  • Overall cost.

Frog Eye Piercing

You may see a variety of mouth piercings of styles and types in the market. There are also single, double, midline, and folic piercings available from which you can select one.

Frog eye piercing is a horizontal double tongue piercing. The expert will pierce them into your tongue using two barbells into the holes so their ends remain on top when you stick your tongue out.

You will find it resembling frog eyes. Here you need to ensure both eyes are at the same level distance from each other.

It is also known as venom eye piercing. While you can’t find the difference between these two, there is no difference.

Frog or Snake Eye Piercing

Some people often call it snake eye piercing instead of frog eye. It is because there are many similarities between both while they are not the same.

Snake eye piercing is inserted near your tongue tip while you will see frog eye piercing in the middle.

Moreover, there is a requirement of one curved ball while placement instead of two which are used for frog eye placement.

Jewelry Styles

There are two types of frog eye jewelry including:

  • Ring
  • Barbell

Both of the above have numerous sub-categories as well. When you ask an expert for frog eye piercings, he will place a straight barbell into the hole allowing your piercing to heal quickly. 

The length of the barbell should also weigh in that your tongue will get swollen after the procedure.  As soon as the healing process has finished, feel free to change the barbell to an option of your choice.

These can be two barbells with a smaller size, two tongue bead rings or several other forms.

Frog Eye Piercing


It is available in different materials such as gold titanium and steel. While some people like to go for plastic and niobium.

Below we are going to take a closer look at the materials:

  1. Surgical Steel: while deciding on surgical steel, keep in mind there will be a nickel bite. If you are dealing with allergies please opt for some other materials out of gold and titanium.
  2. Gold: as we all know the value of gold these days, is very expensive. You can get a gold frog eye piercing when money is not a problem for you.
  3. Titanium: if you don’t have a huge amount of sensitive skin, titanium eye piercing is the best option. It is very cost-effective and causes no allergy problems.
  4. Biocompatible polymers: One of the main advantages of biocompatible plastics is that the material is unlikely that your piercing will get irritated or your teeth will get damaged. Also, Biocompatible polymers do not harbor as many bacteria as the rest of the materials.
  5. Niobium: There are stories that niobium is not a first-grade material. While people prefer it as a cost-effective alternative to titanium piercing. In addition, it causes no health-harming problems as well.


The cost of piercing varies according to the materials you opt for. Moreover, some factors like the location and experience of your piercer also impact the cost.

An average frog eye piercings cost ranges from $50-$100. When you receive two holes in your tongue the cost might rise accordingly. If you are living on a tight budget, search for a less popular place.

However, make sure that the piercer has all the experience, a little negligence can ruin and lead to unfavorable circumstances. Before visiting the place, check all the reviews and ratings for a better idea.

Above is all that you should know about frog eye piercing before you are going to pierce your tongue. 

Wrapping Things Up

Frog eye piercing is the practice of inserting baseballs into your tongue. It is available in several materials including gold, titanium, niobium, plastic, etc.

Moreover, the cost is also reasonable and ranges from $50-$100. However, it can cause immense pain as well when you eat or drink something. Therefore, make your decision after considering all the factors.