Diving in Koh Tao: All You Need to Know

Diving in Koh Tao is a wonderful adventure and a source of pleasure for divers. Koh Tao is a small but beautiful and splendid area. This Island is in western Thailand and part of the Chumphon Archipelago.

There is no better place for diving than Koh Tao because it is the safest and most comfortable Island for diving.

The underwater scene of this Island is so splendid with the rock pinnacles, great shipwrecks, and vibrant reefs.

You will watch colourful fish diving on this Island. Let’s discuss how and when you can dive into Koh Tao.

When to Dive into Koh Tao

The bright and calm water of Koh Tao provides fixed conditions throughout the year. The sun’s temperature never decreases from F/29C to 84C throughout the year.

Its water provides visibility of thirty metres. You can dive on this Island anytime and praise colourful fish, Titan triggerfish, hawksbill, green turtles, and sea snakes.

It is also known as turtle island. Whale sharks sail in deep rocks almost yearly but can appear in April and May.

Diving in Koh Tao is suitable for all levels of expertise. That’s why it is the favourite place of divers.

Best Dive sites in Koh Tao

Koh Tao is a paradise for divers due to its unforgettable underwater experiences, stunning dive sites, and diverse marine life.

Koh Tao contains the thirty best dive sites, but we discussed some sites where you should go:

  1. Shark Island: Shark Island is located southwest of Koh Tao. It is very famous and known for barracudas, stingrays, and reef sharks, and it is also famous for the abundance of marine life.
  2. Sail Rock: It is located between Koh Tao and Tao Phangan; Sail Rock is famous for diving and is known as its vertical pinnacle attracting marine life, including whale sharks and giant groupers.
  3. Chumphon Pinnacle: Diving in Chumphon Pinnacle can be a challenging and difficult adventure. Most expert divers dive in this place, and it allows seeing whale sharks and bull sharks.
  4. Southwest Pinnacle: Southwest Pinnacle is known as the School of Barracudas and Trevallies. However, it is suitable for all divers and easy to dive.

Diving Courses in Koh Tao

Diving courses in Koh Tao are a great experience and source of entertainment for divers.

Let’s see how it provides diving courses:

  1. Diving in Open Water: Diving in open water is best for beginners and is the most popular course in Koh Tao. The divers learn about the theory of water, pool training, and four open-water dives.
  2. Diving in Advance Open Water: This course is the second stage, and more things are added, such as deep diving. The divers who complete the first course start diving in advance in open water. It consists of five open water dives on special diving skills.
  3. Rescue Diver Course: The rescue diving course is challenging and difficult to learn. However, the diver who completes the diving in open and advanced open water can start this course. This course is for expert divers who want to help others in an emergency or problem in diving. This course contains different skills such as diver stress management, emergency management, and self-rescue.

Diving in Koh Tao

Tips for Save

Diving in Koh is secure and comfortable, but you should follow these tips to save diving in Koh Tao:

  • You should start diving after proper experience.
  • If you are learning to dive, you should dive with an expert and trained diver.
  • Never dive into Koh Tao if you are feeling insecure or sick.
  • Do not touch marine life because it can be dangerous to you.
  • Try to follow recommended safety stops and ascend slowly into the water.

These are the following tips you should use for safe and comfortable diving in Koh Tao.


Koh Tao is a paradise for divers, giving many opportunities for divers at all levels of divers. This Island is famous due to its beauty and provides many learning courses.

The affordable and entertaining diving adventure in Koh Tao compels all divers to dive on this Island. You should always take advantage of this Island if you want to dive.


Is It Safe to Dive in Koh Tao?

Yes, it is safe to dive in Koh Tao because it is suitable for all levels of divers. However, you should follow safety guidelines and dive with experienced dive.

Do I Need a Diving Certification to Dive in Koh Tao?

You need a dive certificate from a recognized organisation such as PADI, SSI, or NAUI to dive in Koh Tao.

What Is the Best Time to Dive in Koh Tao?

The best time for diving in Koh Tao is from March to September, when the weather is warm and dry, and the seas are calm. 

Can I Rent Diving Equipment on Koh Tao?

Yes, you can rent diving equipment from dive shops on the Island.

What Kind of Marine Life Can I Expect When Diving in Koh Tao?

Koh Tao is home to various marine species, including whale sharks, turtles, blacktip reef sharks, barracudas, and colourful tropical fish.

Whale sharks sail in deep rocks almost yearly but can appear in April and May.