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Guidelines for Content Contributors

  • Create original content that has not been published elsewhere. By submitting your content, you agree to let us use it as a source, edit, republish, and even present it in a different format.
  • Submit your article in a Microsoft Word file format. The minimum acceptable length is 750 words, but we’re open to shorter or longer posts depending on the topic.
  • Use horizontal photos of the best quality for any images you include in your post. The more significant, the more appealing.
  • If you include video content, ensure that it is shot horizontally, with a minimum resolution of 720p. It should not contain any form of advertising or promotion.
  • If you use quotations, references to an article or study, or any other information, make sure to include attribution in the form of a hyperlink.
  • Include a brief two to three-sentence bio that describes your qualifications, along with a 300×300-pixel image, preferably with a white background. Additionally, feel free to include links to your social media accounts, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.